A few years ago, four nice guys sat together around a table in a fourth-floor flat of a walk-up building: Verbaspinae’s embryo was fed on an handful of blues proteins, folk carbohydrates, trip hop lipids, rock & roll vitamins and some groovy mushrooms. Everything was mixed up with wise anarchy and guitars, cigar-boxes, synths, drum-machines, blues harps, bass guitars, voices, noises, pianos, accordions, tambourines, and even a spoonful of sugar. That (bullshit) being said, we play and we enjoy it quite a lot.

Written, Arranged & Performed
by Verbaspinae

Antonio Salviani : Voice, Guitar, Bass

Germano Allegrezza: Voice, Cigar Box Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica,

Igor Notte: Electro Drums, Piano, Hammond, Electric Piano, Synthesizer, Accordion

Marcello Giacalone: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, EBow, Knobs,

Mixed & Produced by Igor Notte

Cover Album DEsign Igor Notte – Art AS Antonio Salviani

2012 - Soundcloud

Verbaspinae Maccanica

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